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Measuring impairment in real time.

Founded in 2016, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and biology experts have worked tirelessly to bring Bloonics to the forefront of Cannabis detection. Since then, the need for our solutions has only grown as legalization spreads rapidly while regulations continue to be hindered by outdated technology.

Now we are ready to bring our pipeline of solutions forward, starting with the eye scanner designed to make pupillometery accessible for users.

Shortly after, we aim to launch the toxicology assay for detecting active THC in saliva. The synthetic biology behind our proprietary assay is the product of a 4-year ongoing collaboration with KU-Leuven and VIB, aimed at  transforming active-dry yeast cells into functional diagnostics. To prove the concept, we are developing a field diagnostic assay for cannabinoids as a launching point for deeper research into this emerging class of therapeutics.

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