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Pupillometry is a technique has been used by neurologists for years to monitor patients for signs of changes in brain function. However tooling has been typically expensive. Only well trained practitioners with many years of experience can manually perform these exams, and automated solutions are far too expensive.

These same techniques were introduced to the drug recognition expert (DRE) procedure to great controversy. And rightfully so, officers are looking for millimeter variances in pupil diameter with nothing more than the naked eye and a ruler.

With a low cost package that's specifically designed for the roadside setting, we remove human error and subjectivity from the process. We aim to ensure drugged driving enforcement is effective, efficient, and unbiased.


Measure the pupillary light reflex along with other measures of the autonomic nervous system in less than 5 minutes, allowing employees to return to work faster with confidence.

Pupillary Light Reflex Plot
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